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Mill Machinery Sales has been supplying industry in the Southeast since 1957 (formerly known as Thomas Agency). We can assist you with a wide variety of material handling equipment, mobile electrification, braking products, lighting, status indicators, and warning devices. Mill Machinery specialists are more than happy to asses your needs and recommend the right product for your particular application. We have many of our products in a wide variety of manufacturing, mining, and OEM applications. From standard off the shelf equipment to very customized systems, Mill Machinery Sales can find the right solution for your particular situation.

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We move industry in all the right directions for increased productivity and extended performance. Our custom designed material handling solutions are renowned for minimizing maintenance requirements and downtime. Hover over an image to see some of our products.

Machine Tool Service & Rebuilding

Over the year’s we have built a reputation for quality products and customer service on a foundation of integrity and a desire to not just “sell” machinery but to provide the best solutions available to our customers.

ReNEW Repair

Services of ALL Brands of Below the Hook Lifting Equipment including Coil Grabs, Magnet Beams, Coil Tongs


Heavy-duty Material Handling Equipment. Hydraulic Upenders, Mechanical Upenders, Load Inverters, Transfer Cars, Lift Platforms, Jib Cranes, Mobile Gantry Cranes


Lifting Devices, Pallet Lifters, C-hooks, Spreader Beams, Upenders, Load Inverters, Transfer Cars, Jib Cranes, Remanufacturing, Rebuilding & Repairing

Mill Duty Conductor Bar and Collector Assemblies

Workstation Cranes, Bridge Cranes, Transfer Cars, ASRS Systems

AC Crane Controls

Variable Frequency Drive, Geared Limit Switches, Radio Controls, Engineered Crane Control Panels

Overhead Crane Braking

AC Thruster, DC Magnetic, Hydraulic, Drum, and Disk

DC Crane Controls

Contactors, Grid Resistors, Master Switches, Youngs Town Limit, Engineered Crane Control Panels

Cable Management for Moveable Machinery

Cable Reels, Festooning, PowerTrak

Heavy Duty Industrial Cab

Panel Cooling

Industrial Lift Magnets

Engineered Lift Magnet and Controls for Plate, Billet, Scrap, Separation

Single/Multi-Axis Joystick Controllers

Joystick Controllers, Master Switches, Ergonomic Operator Chair Systems

Material Handling Automation Equipment, and Engineered Services

Crane No-Fly Zones, Crane Automation, Safety Radar, Warehouse Inventory Management

Crane Cabs

Custom, Modular, Industrial Crane Cabs

Crane and Transfer Car Gearing

Track Wheels, Brake Wheels, Sheaves, and Gearing

On-site Mechanical Repair

Machining, Fabrication, Reverse Engineering, Gearbox Repair

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With an extensive working knowledge of manufacturing systems, and with real hands-on shop experience, our representatives can best assist you in locating and securing the best machinery for your application. Mill Machinery Sales mission is to be equipment and application experts, providing best in class solutions for our customers and partners. We can choose solutions from a close network of partners. If we don’t have the solution you’re looking for, we will find it. We are consultants and partners, the best of both worlds as a machinery supplier!

We Offer Superior Solutions

Mill Machinery Sales Inc. is proud to partner with some of the best manufacturing solution providers in the industry. Contact us today so we can talk about your goals and vision. We can't wait to help you!

Our Manufacturers

For your industrial service and maintenance needs, we recommend taking a look at some of our top manufacturers in your area!

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